Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that I havent posted in a couple of weeks. Ive been so busy moving and getting settled in our new apartment. Things are finally starting to fall into place.


Rocky Road

you know….the ice cream! The way it’s sweetness makes you melt and the crunch is what keeps it “interesting”. Sometimes a little too much…. But that’s how life is for most. ┬áThat’s how some relationships are. ┬áNothing is perfect and sometimes there’s someone out there with the worst luck ever no matter how much good they put out but that never stops them from loving themselves and life. You make the best with what you got. And that’s why I’ll take my rocky road ice cream over anything else no matter what

Be The Real You

After dealing with some issues with family members and friends, I can honestly say I feel so relieved. It might not have gone the way I wanted but I finally feel good about letting everything out. So this is what I want to say to todays society. DO NOT EVER CHANGE WHO YOU ARE FOR ANYONE ELSE! (Unless youre hurting yourself or others) I left a very toxic marriage 3 years ago and that has changed my life for the better. I found enlightenment through it. I found who I really am and completely changed my mindset. I became a more happy, peaceful, and accepting person. I learned meditation and yoga and honestly, if it weren’t for me deciding to try those things out to help cope with my depression and hurt, I wouldn’t be who I am today! So I don’t need anyone in my life who is going to bring me down because I brought myself down for many years and I WILL NOT go back to that. Dont get me wrong, I still have some tough times but I try my best to be positive and make the best out of it. I still have a lot of learning to do but I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything, Not even for family members who think my lifestyle is wrong just because that’s what society taught them. So for anyone in the same position that I’m in, just keep Moving forward in life. You know the true you and thats all that matters. And everyone please remember…NEVER CHANGE THE REAL YOU!IMG_20170531_134826_566

What in the hell..

You know, I never understood why miserable people enjoy making others miserable. The other day, I witnessed a grown ass 31 year old tell an 8 year old that her mother didn’t care for her. Like what in the hell? Why would you ever say that to a child. Why would you ever bring someone down like that?  I have never been so mad, I made it known that he’s an idiot and was wrong.  I just don’t understand people sometimes 

A Cup of Tea

I’m standing here in the kitchen, holding my cup of tea, enjoying this beautiful moment with my partner as he and I both unwind from a long and somewhat stressful day. I take my first sip of my tea and instantly, my mind fills with memories of…you. Our first “date”, you made me a cup of tea. The night we were having some quality time downtown and all of sudden it starts raining so we rush over to our favorite tea spot and order our teas. Thought is was kinda funny how the rain stopped once we got our drinks so we decided to keep going for our walk…holding your hand..the way your skin felt against mine.. I felt like nothing could ever go wrong as long as I had you. Or how whenever you made tea at night, you would call me to say you were making tea and thought of me. Tea WAS our thing..

As I stand here with all these memories flooding my mind, I have to admit, I dont miss you. You are my past and I will forever cherish the good we had for it taught me to love life and myself.

But as I look up at my partner now, I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Watching him get all excited while talking about what he talks about most(government and conspiracy theories), gives me such warmth and relief in a way, knowing that he is who I’m coming home to, to enjoy a cup of tea with.